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Our Products :

Smelting Sections: Kothari Metallurgical Exports Pvt.Ltd.
The major input raw materials in smelting section are Lead Dross, Lead Ore, Lead Concentrate, and Battery Scrap these raw materials are been used in different type of furnaces like Rotary Furnace, Oil Fired Furnace, and Charcoal Furnace. The Lead Metal recovered from these inputs are low purity of lead metal say 97 – 98 PCT Lead content. This is the function of M/s. Kothari Metallurgical Exports Pvt.Ltd.

Refining Section: Kothari Metal & Alloys.
The Low purity Lead Metal Ingots of 97 – 98 PCT in addition to Lead Scrap and Remelted Lead Ingot bought and Imports from Domestic and International Markets are Refined and Purified to 99.97 PCT min by M/s. Kothari Metal & Alloys. The Machinery and Equipments are used to Produce Pure Lead called Refining Pots having capacity of 10 MTS, 18 MTS and 25 MTS per charge. Refining to the purity of 99.97 PCT are bought by using Chemicals and Fluxes, these Chemicals and Fluxes are used to remove impurities from the secondary input materials. We do produce the Lead Based Alloys, Master Alloys, according to the Standard and Buyers Specifications.

Chemicals Section: Kambare Chemicals (I) Pvt. Ltd.
The Lead Based Chemicals called Lead Oxide Yellow (Litharge), Grey Oxide and Red Lead are produce by M/s. Kambare Chemicals (INDIA) Pvt.Ltd. by using machinery and equipments: Melter, Reactor, Cyclone, Filter, Bucket Elevator, Screw Conveyor, Furnace and Pulverizer Etc. These Lead based chemicals are made out of Pure Lead Metal of 99.97 PCT