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The major input raw materials in smelting section are Lead Dross, Lead Ore, Lead Concentrate, and Battery Scrap these raw materials are been used in different type of furnaces like Rotary Furnace, Oil Fired Furnace, and Charcoal Furnace. The Lead Metal recovered from these inputs are low purity of lead metal say 97 – 98 PCT Lead content. This is the function of M/s. Kothari Metallurgical Exports Pvt.Ltd.

The Promoters decided to firm a company who can produce the Lead Base Oxides which is one Step a head of Lead Metal. M/s. Kambare Chemicals (I) Pvt.Ltd. firmed in 2002 with its main objects to produce all Lead based Oxides like Litharge (PbO), Grey Oxide, & Red Lead in addition to Produce Pure Lead Ingots of 99.97 PCT Min.

To have one more feather in cap of Group the promoters decide why not to go into the depth of Lead Industries i.e. to recover Lead Metal from Lead Concentrate, Lead Ore, Lead Dross and Battery Scrap. The main objects to firm this company are Smelting, Melting and Refining of Lead. The formation of this company was made by the groups Promoters and Directors in 2004 to achieve all ambitions of Late Shri R.G. Kothari.
This Company has guided the group one more way how to make the prime Lead Metal from Mining Materials., and the group earns great value of its kind.